Four Tips to Consider Before Buying a Car

Buying a car is a multi-faceted decision making process that requires both time and money. The most important thing about buying a car is knowledge. It’s a mistake to buy a car without first researching the car you want to buy and the dealership you want to buy it from. Fortunately, you can learn most things online about a car or a dealership. The following tips should help the would-be car buyer in making an informed decision about where to buy a car.

1. Reputation

Reputation can go a long way, especially when it comes to buying a car. If you’re going to be doing business with a car dealership, it’s important to know what kind of reputation they have, specifically, whether it’s good or bad. People talk and share their experiences. If a dealership has a bad reputation, it’s probably for a good reason. At the Rola Motor Group, we’re proud of our reputation, which has grown positively with us since 1963.

2. Guarantee/Warranty

Buying a car without a warranty can be costly in the long-term. A warranty is a guarantee provided by the manufacturer of a product. It assures you the car you’re buying is of good quality and doesn’t contain manufacturing defects. Being official retailers across multiple brands, Rola Motor Group ensures quality in all its cars.

3. Servicing

Regularly servicing your car can make the difference between it running smoothly, and the risk of it breaking down and incurring an expensive and unexpected repair. It is expected that any car would experience minor maintenance due to general wear and tear. Without taking care of the minor issues, they can build up over time into very expensive problems. That’s why it’s important to ensure a dealership can service your car.
Manufacture approved service centres make use of genuine products, approved parts and qualified technicians complementing your warranty/maintenance plan. So you can ensure complete peace of mind along the way.

4. Multi brand stability

A dealership with varied and extensive knowledge can dramatically improve a buyer’s experience by giving them several options. Dealerships with multi-brand stability can offer the benefit of shared knowledge and many options that can be tailored to the buyer’s specific needs. It also means that there are improved trade-in prices. The multi brand stability that Rola Motor Group enjoys gives us the edge when it comes to these benefits.

Rola Motor Group’s Brands include:
Chevrolet, Opel, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Fuso, Freightliner, Western Star Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Trucks & Vans

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